Optimize energy and surplus in everyday life!

MitoActive® is a patented special concentrate based on scientifically selected Nordic blackcurrant and currant varieties and also magnesium.


Scientifically proven liquid concentrate with high content of bioactive Ribetril™ A.

Based on selected Danish and European black and red currants (Ribes nigrum and Ribes rubrum).

Ribetril A

A bioactive polyphenol discovered by AsirosNordic.

Scientifically proven mitochondrial boost for increased cellular energy and recovery.
Patented formulation and technology.


✓ Support physical performance.
✓ Support physical recovery.
✓ Improved energy that supports daily activities.

Ongoing two-arm clinical study with 60 subjects.

MitoActive™ is developed by berries

Polyphenols are small bioactive substances found in fruits, berries and vegetables. Polyphenols are one of the main reasons why fruits and vegetables are so healthy.

The composition of currants and blackcurrants is unique in the product with a complex and scientifically researched composition of Ribetril A and Polyphenols.